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Why your backpack is your best companion when traveling

February 09, 2018

Traveling is one of the most exciting things we do! You get to know new places, try different dishes, meet interesting people from different countries, see the wonders of the world and live new experiences… and most likely, all that in just a few days! So, if you have limited vacation days and want to make the most out of your trip, you need to organize your stops and plan the places you will visit carefully.

There are many travel blogs with recommendations and tips out there, also, from your experience of previous trips, you should know a couple of tricks. Today, we are giving you a valuable and useful tip that will make your travels easier in the future. Every time you travel always carry a backpack, it will be your best companion on your everyday exploring.

TruBlue Toronto

When traveling you will have luggage, either a small carry-on or a big suitcase, but either way, you cannot bring this luggage with you every day when you are exploring a new city, so your luggage will remain in the hotel. For this reason, you will need to bring either a light-weight canvas backpack or a water repellent backpack, to carry your essentials during the day while discovering the new place.

Using a backpack is the best and most convenient way to travel. Why?

  • It is comfortable: your hands are free to take photos and the weight is equally distributed on your back so you can walk for hours at ease
  • It protects your things: if your backpack is water repellent, all your valuables will be protected from the rain or snow, especially if you are carrying your camera.
  • It keeps your memories: when you travel in a new city you want to collect something as a memory from the places you have visited, adding a patch or a pin to your backpack makes it unique and you will remember all the places you have visited.
  • It is safe: when you are a tourist, you can be attractive to pick-pocketers that might want to steal money or a camera, etc. The Patriot backpack has a hidden compartment where you can store your passport and money so no one can steal it.
  • It carries your most important things: On your daily exploring, it is important to pack snacks, water, medicine, a hat, sunscreen, camera, etc. You can bring all these important items in your canvas backpack and walk comfortably for hours exploring.

TruBlue Toronto

For all these important reasons, your TruBlue backpack will be your best companion for all your new trips and adventures. Remember not to pack unnecessary things, your backpack will be comfortable to carry but you don't need that extra weight.

If you don’t have a backpack and you are planning to travel soon, make sure you consider the following to select your new backpack:

  • Many compartments to organize your valuables and find them easily
  • Secure compartments and closures
  • Light-weight material - you don't want a backpack that is heavy itself
  • Water repellent material or add a rain cover for extra protection
  • Strong and durable material
  • Fits your personality

Happy traveling!

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