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Waterproof Backpacks? That’s a thing?

January 11, 2018

Yes. Yes, it is. Living in Canada, we know wet weather. The sky seems to always be dumping rain or snow on us. So, when you have important things in your backpack like laptops, iPads and phones, what do you do to protect them? The way we see it, there are a few options if you want to protect your belongings.

Option 1: Rain Cover on Your Backpack

You can buy a plastic rain cover to protect your backpack from the rain. It is a simple cover that just slips over your backpack. The pros here are that you can keep your tried and true canvas backpack and not have to buy a new one, and rain covers are pretty cheap, making this a cost-effective solution. The cons are that you have to remember the cover (we know we are bad at this!), you have to make sure the cover is secure, you cannot easily reach inside of your backpack while the cover is on, and, let’s face it, you buy a backpack to show off your style, a rain cover covers up all the style! The cons to this option are pretty strong, but for some out there this may be the perfect option if you don’t want to buy a new backpack. 

Option 2: Water Repellent Backpack

A water repellent backpack is a backpack that is made out of a material that makes water bead up and roll off. Have you ever seen a drop of water on a freshly sealed deck or rain on a newly waxed car? This is the same effect you get on a water repellent backpack. The water will not soak through the material, protecting your valuables from the Canadian downpours. Will this protect your stuff? Yes. Can you drop your water repellent backpack in a lake and expect your valuables to be dry? No. The pros to this approach are that unless you plan on scuba diving with your backpack on while your laptop is in your backpack, your valuables are safe and secure, you don’t have to remember a rain cover, and the cost of a water repellent backpack is affordable in many cases (hint hint… The Patriot is affordable and water repellent!). The cons to this option are that you may have to buy a new backpack, and if you do happen to drop your backpack in a lake while your laptop is in it, your laptop probably won’t be protected.


Option 3: Waterproof Backpack

There is such a thing as a completely waterproof backpack. This is truly if you plan on going on an adventure where it is very likely that your backpack will end up being submerged in water. To make a truly waterproof backpack, you have to use a rubber-like material that has absolutely no weave where water could get through. You also have to have special waterproof coverings for all of the zippers to make sure no water gets through the zipper either. The pro here is complete peace of mind, knowing your valuables are safe. The cons are the cost and in many cases the look. For most of us, this is a bit overkill and not worth the expense, but for some, it is exactly what you need for that crazy trek across the ocean on a float tube. OK we are being facetious, but you would have to be doing something pretty amazing to need one of these bad boys!

So, think about your needs and your options. Do you need a rain cover for the odd light rain and know you can remember it? Do you need a water repellent backpack to protect against the rain so common in our home and native land? Or are you planning a wild adventure where you need the ultimate waterproof protection? Whatever your needs are, there is an option for you!

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