TruBlue Backpacks Take Over Quebec

TruBlue Backpacks Take Over Quebec

July 05, 2017

TruBlue Backpacks have been spotted all over Canada’s largest province by geographic area, Quebec. Quebec is such a great place to visit any time of the year since every season in Quebec has a special something. Mountains, rivers, lakes, parks, historic cities, heritage sites, poutine and music, are just some of the things visitors love about Quebec.

During summer, the favourite activities to do in Quebec are hiking, enjoying picnics at National Parks and exploring all the hidden natural gems of this province. For all the adventure seekers, Quebec is a unique place to visit this summer. You can choose among different outdoors activities and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that this province has to offer. Remember to pack all your essentials in your TruBlue Backpack and embrace the adventure.

Thanks to our fans who have shared with us all their adventures with TruBlue, we have discovered the beauty of Quebec and many amazing places to visit. Check them out!

Jean Larose Falls, Quebec

The Jean Larose Falls located in Quebec is a spectacular waterfall with an impressive drop of 60 meters in three steps, formed by the Jean Larose River plummeting into the canyon of the Saint Anne River. The upper drop of the waterfall is about 10 meters, followed by a second plunge of 15 meters and in the lower part, a wild final drop of 34 meters.

If you are visiting Quebec City, it is easy to reach the falls from the town of Beaupre. There is a short 1-kilometre trail that leads to the waterfalls. Then you will find approximately 400 stairs down to the bottom of the falls, so you can have the best view of the impressive drop. Jean Larose falls is a favourite canyoning place for the people who enjoy the extreme adventures.

You can rappel on a rope to descend in two vertical falls of 12 and 19 meters, monitored by professional guides. This place is really impressive, it also has spectacular deep pools at the bottom of the cascade so, if you like high adrenaline you can jump off a 7-meter cliff into a deep-water pool! Amazing, right?

We discovered this spectacular place thanks to our friend @mariehlessard who shares her great adventures when she is travelling and taking her TruBlue backpack as her companion.

Jtallé me promener dans nature pi stai pas mal bô 🏞💦🌞 #quebec #waterfall #summer #narcitymontreal

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Parc du Mont-Royal, Montréal

Mont-Royal is a small mountain located on the west side of downtown Montréal. This mountain is the site of the Parc du Mont-Royal (in French) and it is one of the largest green spaces in Montreal. It has a spectacular view of the island and it is a favourite spot for tourists to visit. It is perfect for hiking, cycling, jogging, picnicking and, in winter you can also enjoy some skiing and tobogganing.

The park also contains two belvederes, the main one is called the Kondiaronk Belvedere, which is a semicircular plaza with a cabin overlooking downtown Montreal. Enjoy a nice hike from the foot of the hill. Make your way up, while enjoying amazing views of the city. Make a few stops on the way to do some bird watching and taking some pictures. Fill your TruBlue backpack with some sandwiches, drinks and cookies and enjoy a lovely picnic at the top of the mountain.

Mont-Royal Park is a must-see when visiting Quebec. We have learned about more things to do in this incredible park through our friends @melmauthe and @mariehlessard who are adventure seekers and have made their TruBlue backpacks part of their journeys. 

Thanks to our TruBlue tribe for sharing and recommending these great places to visit in Quebec! Please always keep us posted with your next adventures 😊

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