Trublue Backpacks Take Over Ontario

Trublue Backpacks Take Over Ontario

September 25, 2017

We are very excited that TruBlue Backpacks have been spotted more and more in all the different provinces across Canada. This time our fans from Ontario have shared their great adventures, so we can discover new awesome places to explore. Because of its unique geography, Ontario is the perfect province for adventure and nature lovers, with so many natural gems to explore.

During the summer and fall seasons, people love to visit Ontario and enjoy many different outdoor activities, especially hiking, biking and camping, which are the local’s favourites. And who can forget kayaking and canoeing? With over 250,000 lakes to choose from, Ontario has everything you need for all sorts of water activities. If you are planning a trip soon, consider exploring Ontario, you will love it!.

Now, back to our fans. As mentioned, we have learned more about the beauty of Ontario thanks to our amazing fans, and they have shared some great adventures and places we all should visit. Let’s check them out!

Chedoke Radial Trail, Hamilton ON

The Hamilton area near Toronto, is a very popular place because of its hiking and biking trails. Because of its proximity to the lake, many of the trails have stunning views. The Chedoke Radial Recreational trail was developed on the former Brantford and Hamilton Electric Railway. This scenic trail runs for about 3 kms, crossing the Chedoke Golf course and the escarpment to Scenic Drive.

Visitors love this trail since they can experience a nice moderate hike while admiring the impressive Niagara Escarpment and enjoying a stunning view of the Dundas Valley and the west end of Hamilton. The Chedoke Trail is part of the Bruce trail, so if you are feeling more energetic and adventurous, you can continue exploring even more than on the other trails that are connected. You can go check out the Chedoke Falls, Princess Falls and Cliffview Falls which are close by.

We discovered this lovely trail thanks to @robotspaceunicorn who enjoys outdoor adventures. This is a great recommendation of a trail to go on with your friends on the weekend. Pack your canvas backpack with sandwiches, snacks and enjoy a great picnic after the hike.


Crook’s Hollow Heritage Trail, Greensville ON

Another great place for a new adventure is the Crook’s Hollow Heritage Trail located in Greensville, Ontario, close to Hamilton. This place was a former dam, and a project for removal started in 2012. Since that year, the place was closed to public to facilitate the project. It was recently opened to the public, and declared a conservation area.

This trail attracts many visitors because you can find ruins of early homes (1700’s), barns, sawmills, etc. There are guided tours, so you can also learn more about this heritage place. Along this trail you will find Historic 19th Century worker’s houses, Spencer Creek, mill ruins, interpretive signs, remnants of Crooks’ Hollow dam and mill pond, the Darnley Cascade, Grist mill ruins, east Greensville Falls and the Christie Lake Conservation Area. It’s a lot to take in!

If you like mountain biking, the Crook’s Hollow conservation area is great for that, just keep in mind that you should stay on the marked trails, so you can allow the sensitive areas to regenerate. So, enjoy a lovely afternoon with your friends and family, take a guided tour, learn more about this historical place and end the day having some snacks. Remember to always bring in your backpack enough water to keep you hydrated. Thanks to our fan @mmthomas_34 for sharing this great place so you can plan a new adventure!


Keep us in the loop of where have you been traveling lately whether it is inside Canada or abroad, we love to learn from you what your favourite adventures are. Also, tag us in your pictures with your TruBlue Backpack! Happy weekend!

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