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TruBlue Backpacks around the globe!

February 15, 2018

We are super excited to see how the TruBlue Tribe is growing not just within Canada but internationally as well. Now we have TruBlue fans from different parts of the world sharing incredible adventures and inviting others to never stop exploring the globe. Thanks to your input and support we have created such an awesome community of adventurers, explorers, food enthusiasts and travel lovers.

Battuta said: “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” and we all agree he couldn’t be more right! We have become storytellers by sharing our travelling photos with a community that shares our same adventurous spirit! It’s like telling your friends all about your last trip and starting to plan the next one together to collect new memories.

Let’s have a look of the amazing places the TruBlue tribe has visited around the world and get ideas for our next adventure!

  • Cape Town, South Africa

This amazing city is the legislative capital of South Africa. Cape Town is known worldwide for its impressive harbor, the natural setting, and the landmarks Table Mountain Park and Cape Point. Many tourists from Africa and around the world visit Cape Town every year, and it was nominated traveler’s choice best destination in 2017 by Tripadvisor.

There are so many things to do and see in this unique city. From watching sea lions and penguins along the harbor, trying delicious dishes at local restaurants, learning about the culture and history of the city and exploring all the beautiful nature available. You will fall in love with this city.

If you like hiking like our friend @nardin.bakker, you must hike to the top of Table Mountain where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city with an impressive blue colour from the ocean behind it. Pack your TruBlue canvas backpack with snacks, water and sunscreen; especially if you go in summer, it is really hot in South Africa so you want to keep hydrated.

  • Ragusa, Italy

Ragusa is one of the most picturesque cities in Sicily. This historical place has an incredible beauty that has been a filming spot for TV series and movies. Ragusa Ibla (the old town) collapsed in an earthquake in 1863 and new town was born on a high plateau above, Ragusa Superiore. They rebuilt the old city and both cities were merged in 1927 becoming the provincial capital of Modica.

Plan a trip to this amazing baroque city and enjoy incredible views from the Ragusa Superiore. Pack your canvas backpack with snacks for your trip and learn about this culturally rich city. Since you are in Italy, don't forget to try the local dishes and wines, they are delightful. Thank you @chloevscorner for recommending Ragusa in beautiful Sicily for us to explore.

  • El Salvador, Central America

This lovely tropical country in Central America, has incredible places to visit and explore. From stunning beaches on the Pacific Ocean to volcanos with emerald lakes in the crater. El Salvador has been a known destination for surfers and nature lovers from around the world. Because of the small size of the country it is easy to travel from one place to another, enjoying a lovely lunch by the beach during the day and in the afternoon having a coffee in a volcano with a view of the city.

Since it is a tropical country you can go hiking all year round to different mountains and volcanoes. For this reason you also have to be well prepared for the heat, pack your canvas backpack with sunscreen, water, snacks, sunglasses and a hat. Also dress smart, it is important to use clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you love the beach make a day trip with your friends. Pack your water repellent backpack with a towel, drinks, sunscreen and beach games.

Remember that adventure awaits, all you have to do is plan your next destination and explore somewhere new every year! Happy traveling! :)

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