TruBlue – A backpack created with passion!

TruBlue – A backpack created with passion!

August 10, 2017

TruBlue backpacks were born after a long process of research, development, dedication and a lot of passion. All combined with an amazing team that worked hard for several months until creating a product that could be useful, durable, stylish and as a result: “The best adventure companion”.

Creating a backpack is such a challenging but fun and rewarding process. It all started with identifying what you would love, what your needs are, what your favourite backpacks to buy are, what you like about them, what colours you prefer, what the fashion trends are, and so on. After months of intense research and discussion, we were able to create a concept and bring to life a unique brand of backpacks.

Our creative director drew sketches of backpacks feverishly, then we selected parts of our favourite ones and reworked the sketches until we had one that we all loved. Then the fun part began, where we had to evaluate and decide all the backpack's details like the colours we would make, the type of fabric, snaps, etc. For this process, we visited a big market in Shenzhen, China. This place was amazing, you can find all the materials you can imagine. We spent days looking for the best fabric, snaps, etc. because our focus is always on delivering high-quality products.

We selected Canvas for our backpacks over all other fabrics, because of its durability and artistic qualities. Canvas fabric became a huge part of the inspiration for our backpack collections: The Original and The Original+. As we started making the first sample backpacks, we discovered the true potential behind canvas fabric. It has unique qualities like being rugged and durable, but also, is a light weight material and has a subtle stylish texture that makes the backpack’s look and feel nicer.

We are very proud of our team and our ability to partner with great manufacturers in China. It always blows us away how knowledgeable they are about backpack designs, how to make them stronger, how to choose the best quality materials, and it is even more amazing to feel in our partners the same passion and dedication we have in creating a unique and valuable product.

Once all the fabrics and materials have been selected for testing, our manufacturer partner creates some samples to evaluate the options and discuss changes. Then we visit them in Shenzhen, the office is very nice and they always greet us very warmly. The first step was going to the showroom to see the first samples. Our creative director and the production manager work hand in hand to adjust the details, discuss some better techniques, talk about trends, durability, etc. It is a very overwhelming but satisfying process.

After the changes were discussed and agreed on, we visited the sample room. All our products are hand made by extremely talented workers. They taught us about the sewing process and we got to see how detail-oriented and careful they are while creating these amazing backpacks.

When all the changes were made, the new sample backpacks were approved. The next step in the process is to design the tools for our specific backpacks. This is an intense process but it is so interesting to see. They dissemble the backpack again and separate it into pieces. For each piece, they create a special tool, which is a big metal object that will cut out all the specific pieces for our backpack design.

When all the fabric pieces are cut, the manufacturing process begins, handmade by talented workers that hand sew all the backpack’s parts, until these incredible backpacks are a finished product. It is amazing to see how this passion, devotion and effort is reflected in every TruBlue canvas backpack.

What’s next? We received the backpacks in Canada and put them up for sale. Now, the word about TruBlue backpacks has expanded amazingly throughout the country, all thanks to you! Our fans who have shared our love and passion for our backpack, becoming an important inspiration to our future products. We do all of this for you so keep sharing your pictures and sending us your feedback, and we’ll keep making backpacks that you can truly love!

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