Joys of spring

The joys of Spring in Canada

March 20, 2017

Finally, Spring has arrived which means longer brighter and warmer days are on the way!  It has felt like a long time coming, and now we can all take advantage of more time outdoors, fewer layers of clothing, and more fun in the sun.

As we go from snowy days and sub-zero temperatures to the feel of warm wind and sound of birds chirping, we can all agree that Spring is the perfect season because of the delicate balance of nature.  Everything is blooming and we have a rejuvenated mood. With that in mind here are some ideas of the things you can do during Spring:

Cherry Blossom Watch

Without a doubt, the most-like spring event of all is the Cherry Blossom watch. This peculiar Japanese flower known as “Sakura” has become very popular and attracted many people over the past few years because of its beautiful white colour. These trees typically bloom in late April to early May, so you will have to be on it, since Cherry tree blossom don’t last more than two weeks. The best places to go to watch these Cherry Blossom in Canada are High Park in Toronto and Stanley Park in Vancouver. 

Cherry Blossoms High Park - Spring

Visit Tulip Fields

Tulips are spring-blooming flowers and one of the main things to do in spring-time is to visit a tulip field. Ottawa hosts the largest Tulip Festival in the world and this year since we are celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, it’s going to be a special event. The Dutch have developed a new tulip to help Canadians celebrate our 150th anniversary. The tulip is called: Canada 150.

Find out more and visit the Tulip Festival this spring:

Tulip Festival Ottawa

Farmers Markets

    During spring, seasonal produce markets arise and you can find a diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables. Change your routine, instead of buying from your regular grocery store, go to the farmer’s markets instead. You can talk directly with the farmers, discover new fruits and taste different vegetables and of course fresh seasonal maple syrup!

    Farmers markets

    Camp in a National Park

    Canada is giving away a “Discovery pass” to celebrate its 150th anniversary, so that you can enter all provincial parks for free. This is the perfect season for camping, the weather is perfect and everything is blooming. Choose your favourite park and have a great time camping with your friends and family. 

    Camping during spring

    Go sightseeing in a new city

    Get the most out of spring and try new things like visiting a new city. The views of many places change dramatically from season to season with leaves and flowers blooming and patio furniture making its arrival for the season. Visit Victoria or Quebec City, these two places are so lovely during the spring season. You can attend festivals or do sightseeing within the city.

    Sightseeing - Visit Victoria, BC

    Get into a massive Pillow Fight

      Yes, you read right! Each year a massive pillow fight happens in Toronto at the Nathan Phillip Square. This year the Pillow Fight themed “Superheroes versus Villains” will take place on April 5th. So, take your Superman or Darth Vader customer and prepare your best pillow to fight.

      Pillow fight - Toronto

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