The Backpack Travel Guide

The Backpack Travel Guide

September 18, 2017

Every time you are about to start a new adventure, you always prepare all the things that you will need to bring, plan your stops, research your destinations and start packing in advance to avoid forgetting something important or bringing unnecessary weight. If this is the first time you will be traveling lighter to explore more places and you don’t know where to start, don’t panic! We will tell you all the important things you will need to know to start your journey.

Before rushing to start packing, the first things to consider are your budget, how many days you have for your trip and ideas of where would you like to go. These three considerations will help you pick your destination easily. Once you have made your choice we can start planning and preparing what you would need to bring, since packing will be different if you are going to the beach than if you are going hiking on a mountain!

The months of September and October are ideal for traveling since it is low season and you can find awesome deals on flights and hotels. Also, the weather is perfect during these months - not too cold and not too hot-, especially if you are planning on exploring Canada. So, if you want to make the most out of your budget, this is the perfect time of the year to plan your new adventure. And don’t forget to plan to have some extra money in the budget just in case you want to do an extra stop or you want to stay more days, you never know!

Now we can start planning what to pack, and this is the most difficult part, since we will always have doubts about all the what if’s? And let’s be honest, we are all different and we have different needs. So, the first part is to research the places you will be visiting, check the weather conditions closer to the date, read stories about other travelers visiting the same places, and this will give you a better idea of what you will need. A certain thing is that you will need an awesome backpack to be your companion on this new adventure.

If you are planning to go hiking in British Columbia, we recommend you choose a water repellent backpack to protect all your valuables, like the new Patriot collection since this province has a lot of rainforests and BC is well known for being very rainy. Although the landscapes and views will take your breath away, be prepared to get some rain. If you want extra protection you can add a rain cover, which will make your backpack completely waterproof, even your canvas backpack.

It is hard to give you an exact list of what you need to pack since there are many factors involved. However, there are recommended things that can apply to all travelers, for example, always pack a light sweater, never forget your swimming suit, bring a hat, sunscreen, and first aid kit. If you will be hiking or enjoying nature, bring comfy shoes that will allow walking long distances, also take a lantern, dry-fit clothes, your water bottle, and shorts or pants depending on the weather.

It sounds like a lot of things but these are just the essentials for your main luggage. Most likely, you will arrive at your hotel or Airbnb, leave your luggage and grab only the most important things for your daily exploring trips. Your backpack becomes your best adventure companion since it will carry and protect all your valuables while you enjoy exploring.

Make sure you select a lightweight bag, either a canvas backpack or a water repellent backpack, and not carry extra weight so you can explore comfortably. Fill your backpack with snacks like granola bars or fruits and bring enough water for the day, however, if you know that you can refill your bottle, later on, don’t pack too much water since it will make your bag extra heavy and you will get tired faster.

Always take the first aid kit, sunscreen and your sweater with you, that way you are prepared for the temperature changes during the day, because don’t forget this is Canada! Also, it is very important you always carry a map and a compass, we are used to relying on our electronics gears but you can lose signal or run out of battery, so it is always good to be prepared just in case, it is dangerous to get lost!

And last but not least, don’t forget to bring your camera in your backpack, put it in a handy pocket so you can reach it fast to take the best shots. Prepare an extra battery just in case and make sure you have enough memory space to save all your pictures. The best time for pictures is early in the morning or in the afternoon for perfect lighting.

Something fun to also do when traveling is to personalize your backpack to identify it at all times and avoid losing it, or to let others see your travel style. You can add patches to your bag of all the places you have visited, this way your backpack will be like a diary of your journeys. When traveling abroad, you can add a Canadian flag patch to your backpack, which not only adds an extra touch to your bag but will also make you stand out as Canadian.

Share all your adventures with us, tag us if you take pictures with your TruBlue backpack, and keep us in the loop of where have you been lately, we love to hear your stories!

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