Quiz: Best backpack for you based on your daily activities

Quiz: What TruBlue Backpack is best for you based on your daily activities?

August 27, 2018 1 Comment

Backpacks are a must in many people's life, adventure travellers, everyday commuters, hikers, photographers, and most of all students. Backpacks are the most convenient and comfortable way to carry all your valuables whether you are going to school, work, gym, or travelling somewhere new. However, there are different types of backpacks (sizes, colours, pockets, etc.)  and you need to choose the best one that suits all your needs. In order to find out what the right backpack for you is, we need to look at your daily routine. Take this quiz to find out what TruBlue backpack is the best for you.

  • You use your backpack every day, where are you going?

    a) To school, excited to start a new year

    b) To work, I need a backpack that protects my laptop and papers

    c) To a new place, I took 3 months off to travel

    d) To the gym, I love fitness, sports and hiking

      • What are the most important things you will carry in your backpack every day?

      a) Laptop, charger, headphones, lunch bag

      b) A book, laptop, earphones, pens

      c) Laptop, camera, snacks, water bottle

      d) Sports clothes, snacks, water bottle, shoes

        • How would you describe the city you live in?

        a) Eternal summer never rains

        b) Weather changes every 5 minutes

        c) Rainy, all year round

        d) Short summer and harsh winters

          • How would you describe your style?

          a) Unique and Vibrant, “look at me world!”

          b) Chic and classy

          c) Casual, I am a more traditional person

          d) Sporty, love to feel comfortable

            • What colour would you like your new backpack to be?

            a) A vibrant colour that reflects my fun personality

            b) Business professional look like black or grey

            c) Something classy like a blue or red

            d) Earth colours that are easy to mix and match like green or khaki


              If you answered mostly A’s:

              Back to School Backpack

              You are getting ready for back to school. Since you will be using your backpack every day to carry all your school supplies and valuables, you need one that holds all your stuff and yet still lightweight enough to carry it comfortably everywhere. The Original backpack by TruBlue is a great option for you. It is a very spacious backpack, durable lightweight canvas material and a very stylish design. Make your friends envy your bag and stand out! Select a vibrant colour like The Original Dune or Dusk.

              Back to School Sale - TruBlue Backpack

              If you answered mostly B’s:

              Backpack for Work

              Commuting every day to work, meetings and presentation, you need a professional looking backpack. The Patriot collection by TruBlue is ideal for you. It has a dedicated padded compartment to carry your laptop everywhere. Built with a durable water repellent material, yet it’s still lightweight to be comfortable. Spacious main pocket for your work documents and snacks. Stylish look and Canadian details inside and out, choose The Patriot Tundra, Yukon or Gridlock for the perfect business look.

              Backpack for work - TruBlue

              If you answered mostly C’s:

              Backpack for Travelling

              Travelling and exploring is your passion, you are a TruBlue warrior. As you are visiting different places, meeting new people and living new adventures, you need a backpack that is comfortable to carry, secure, durable and very spacious so it can fit all your travel gear. The Original+ collection by TruBlue is the best for you. A stylish design and durable canvas backpack with leather accents make the perfect travel companion. There are many colours available for you, choose from earth colours like the Black Rock, Tortoise or Toscana, to protect your backpack from easily showing dirt while travelling.

              Backpack for travelling - TruBlue Backpack Sale

              If you answered mostly D’s:

              Backpack for Commuting

              You are an outdoors lover. Doing sports and outdoor activities are your thing. You need a backpack that holds your sportswear for the gym and for your weekend hiking adventures. The Patriot backpack is the best for you since it has many compartments for your clothes, so you can go to the gym after work or school. The Patriot is water repellent so your valuables will be protected if it rains while you are hiking or having a picnic at the lake. There are lots of colours to choose from, we recommend the Niagara and Algonquin colours for adventurers like you!

              Commuting backpack - back to school sale

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