Quiz: What Canadian City Should You Live in Based on Your Backpack Preferences?

Quiz: What Canadian City Should You Live in Based on Your Backpack Preferences?

March 27, 2018

Canadian Backpacks, we wear them to school, we wear them to work, we pack them for weekend trips, we pack them for hikes, they are our lifeblood of sorts. The kind of backpack you pick, the color, the material, the style, it says a lot about you, including where you should live. So if you are sitting there dreaming of another city but aren’t sure which one is right for you, take our quiz to find out!

First things first, what colour is your new backpack?
A. Something earthy, like green or brown.
B. I find myself wanting a classy red or black backpack.
C. Blue or grey, like the sea in my soul.
D. Something fun, the brighter the better.
    Pack your backpack for a weekend trip! Where are you going?
    A. Somewhere outdoors, kayaking, hiking, skiing, I love it all!
    B. Somewhere with a great museum where I can catch dinner on a terrace.
    C. Somewhere with local pubs and a view of the sea.
    D. Somewhere with lots going on! Concerts, crazy clubs, avant-garde dining, I’m in for everything.
      How would you describe your style?
      A. Outdoorsy, lots of multi-purpose clothing.
      B. Chic and classy.
      C. Casual, sometimes nautical.
      D. Unique, I am a style all of my own!
        You’ve been exploring your new city all day and now you’re starving! What do you want to eat?
        A. Sushi! Fresh fish, get in my belly.
        B. Poutine, piled high with smoked meat.
        C. Lobster roll!
        D. Japanese? Pizza? Fancy donuts? Can’t I have it all?
          Time to apartment hunt! What are you looking for in an apartment?
          A. Lots of glass to enjoy all the beautiful views.
          B. A European style pied-a-terre please!
          C. A cozy cottage by the sea.
          D. A high-rise with all the amenities for me.

             If you answered mostly A’s:

            TruBlue Vancouver!

            You are an outdoorsy person and you want to be able to live in a place where you can enjoy nature year-round. Pack your backpack with the essentials and head to the mountains for adventure! After a day of exploring, grab your favorite Japadog and head to a Canucks game. This laid back and beautiful city is all you ever dreamed of.

            TruBlue Vancouver

            If you answered mostly B’s:

            TruBlue Montreal!

            European charm right in Canada, you were born for this. Walk the streets and discover new things around every corner. Beautiful architecture, charming streets, not to mention the world’s best smoked meat poutine, you feel right at home in this enchanting city.

            TruBlue Montreal

            If you answered mostly C’s:

            TruBlue Halifax!

            The sea calls you, the colourful homes charm you, and the thought of a night at rowdy local pubs with fresh shellfish puts your mind at ease. The East was made for you and you for it, enjoy the salty breeze and set sail for your new home!

            TruBlue Halifax

            If you answered mostly D’s:

            TruBlue Toronto!

            The most populated and diverse city in Canada, Toronto is sure to keep you on your toes! Food and culture surround you, the busy city streets speak to you, and you never know what will happen next. Grab your backpack and catch a concert, go to a street festival, sample local brews, or go to a Jays game, the energy in this city is never-ending.

            TruBlue Toronto

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