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Quiz: Is a TruBlue Backpack Right For You?

February 23, 2018

There are so many different kinds, styles and functions of backpacks so it is important to do your research and make sure you are getting the right backpack for you. Whether you are a college student, weekend warrior, commuting professional, some combination of these things or something else entirely, all has an impact on what backpack is perfect for you and your needs. We don’t want you to be stuck with something that isn’t right for you, so we have put together a few questions that you can go through to make sure TruBlue is the right choice!

  1. Is it important to you to have a backpack that is versatile? Something you can take to class, on a weekend road trip or grab on your way to the subway?
    • A: Versatility is key!
    • B: I like having different bags to suit different needs.
    1. How would you describe your style?
      • A: Relaxed and casual, just like me.
      • B: I like the high-powered or high-fashion vibe.
    2. What are you looking for in the fabric of your backpack?
      • A: Something rugged and durable, I am hard on my belongings sometimes and it has to be able to last.
      • B: Something high-end and classy.
    3. Do you like to change things up when it comes to style or are you pretty consistent?
      • A: I change my mind like the tide, that’s my prerogative! My backpack needs to be able to keep up and change with my mood.
      • B: I don’t care about changing designs, I know what I like and stay consistent.
    4. How important is it that your backpack have functional features like a laptop pocket, water-resistant material, pockets for organization, etc?
      • A: I need all the function… and all the style.
      • B: I just care about looking the part!
    5. How important is it that you have the biggest brand name backpack?
      • A: I like being the first to discover new brands and then tell all my friends how awesome it is!
      • B: I like going with the big brand names for my products.
    6. How adventurous are you?
      • A: I am an adventure seeker! I like the road less traveled and discovering new things.
      • B: I like a sure thing, no surprises for me thank you!
    7. How important is it to you to buy Canadian brands?
      • A: Very important! Canadian brands know me and my needs best, plus it’s always my thing to go local.
      • B: Not important, this doesn’t have any impact on my decision.


    If you answered mostly A’s:

    You are a TruBlue warrior! You want a backpack as versatile as you are. A partner in crime to conquer any mountain, class or subway ride! You are a trailblazer and want your backpack to be one too. You like discovering new things, whether that’s an awesome backpack brand, a new hiking trail or a new restaurant. Your friends look to you for suggestions on everything from fashion to cookie recipes. You also value a Canadian brand, knowing that these brands understand you and your needs better than anyone else.  Welcome to the TruBlue tribe!


    If you answered mostly B’s:

    TruBlue may not be the perfect brand for you, but there are plenty out there that would be a perfect fit! We admire your fashion-forward, consistent and cultured tastes. We may not have exactly what you are looking for, and that’s ok! We embrace everyone’s individuality and celebrate all of the differences that make us such an amazing country.


    If you are looking for a backpack and still aren’t sure what to go for, reach out to us on social media! We’d be happy to help you navigate your decision. We are backpack experts and can recommend something for everyone!

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