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Quiz: What US City Should You Live in Based on Your Backpack Preferences?

July 10, 2018

Backpacks in the US. Whether we have one for school, work, weekend trips, hikes, or whatever else we need a backpack for, they are an expression of our style while being practical companions. The kind of backpack you pick, the color, the material, the style, it says a lot about you, and so does where you live. So, if you are sitting there dreaming of another city but aren’t sure which one is right for you, take our quiz to find out! 

  • First things first, what color is your new backpack?

a) I like natural tones, like green or brown.
b) Something classic, like a red or black backpack.
c) Blue or grey, the ocean and fog speak to me.
d) Something fun, the brighter the better.
  • Pack your backpack for a weekend trip! Where are you going?

a) Get me outside! Kayaking, hiking, skiing, I love it all!
b) Somewhere with museums and lots of culture.
c) Somewhere with great seafood, local pubs and ocean views.
d) Somewhere with lots going on! Festivals, food, speakeasies, I’m in for everything.
  • How would you describe your style?

a) Outdoorsy, lots of comfortable clothes that can be layered.
b) Upscale and classy.
c) Casual, harbor-chic.
d) Unique, I am a style all of my own!
  • You’ve been exploring your new city all day and now you’re starving! What do you want to eat?

a) Elk burgers and micro-brews.
b) Something 5 stars. Class all the way.
c) Lobster roll!
d) Cioppino? Chinese? Can’t I have it all?


  • Time to apartment hunt! What are you looking for in an apartment?

a) Something cozy immersed in nature.
b) Lots of glass and a city view that defeats all city views!
c) Exposed brick. Lots of exposed brick.
d) A beautiful Victorian flat. Charm all the way.

If you answered mostly A’s:

TruBlue Denver!

You are an outdoorsy person and you want to be able to live in a place where you can enjoy nature year-round. Pack your backpack with the essentials and head to the mountains for adventure! The mile-high city is also packed with micro-breweries and wild game. This laid-back and beautiful city is all you ever dreamed of.

TruBlue Backpacks USA, Denver

If you answered mostly B’s:

TruBlue Manhattan!

Upscale, big-city class is just what you’re looking for. Culture, museums, beautiful architecture and world-class dining, grab the city’s signature cocktail and head to a roof-top bar where you can take in the sparkling lights of this beautiful and diverse city.

TruBlue Backpack USA Manhattan

If you answered mostly C’s:

TruBlue Boston!

Irish pubs, harbor charm and infamous accents. This city is full of character, and characters. Take in a game of anything in this amazing sports city, grab a pint and have some laughs with your new mates! You are going to love your new coastal city.

TruBlue Backpacks USA, Boston

If you answered mostly D’s:

TruBlue San Francisco!

Diversity at it’s finest. An amazing food and art scene and an unlimited list of weird, quirky things to do and spots to check out make this city infamously funky. Bike the Golden Gate Bridge, eat that beautiful seafood stew and stumble upon some hidden treasures in your new foggy city.

TruBlue Backpacks USA, San Francisco

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