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Spring Backpacks

Places to Explore With Your Backpack in the Spring

March 06, 2018

The recent rise in the temperature in the last few weeks have made me start dreaming of Spring. I know you must be as excited as I am for Spring and to spend more time outdoors. It looks like we might have some more cold days, after all, this is Canada! But, that means that we need to take advantage of this time to plan and prepare our activities, road trips, travels to other countries, camping trips, etc. So, when Spring comes we don't waste a second and start enjoying right away.

If you have started planning your spring “things to do” like me, here are some backpacking ideas you may like and include on your list! 

Cherry Blossoms Backpack Spring

  • Cherry Blossoms

Spring opens with the cherry blossoms. Well, officially spring starts before, but once you see the Cherry trees are blossoming, you know for sure it is time to enjoy the best part of spring. What I love about this season is to see how everything is renewed and the landscape of all these blooming trees is amazingly beautiful. Take a day trip to visit your favourite park with cherry blossoms, invite your friends and pack your backpack with a picnic to enjoy this once-a-year event.

Remember to pack your TruBlue canvas backpack with your favourite snacks, drinks, a blanket to sit down on, and if it is sunny don't forget your sunglasses. Some parks also have hiking trails, which is why it is very important that you use a lightweight canvas backpack like TruBlue, since you will be able to walk comfortably during the day and bring with you everything you need.

Tulip Backpack Spring

  • Tulip Festival in Ottawa

The tulips are one those things that say Spring by itself. So, why not visit the largest tulip festival in the world? Every year Ottawa presents the Canadian Tulip Festival, where you will be able to see one million tulips. Yes, you read right, one million! This is an awesome excuse to plan a road trip to Canada’s capital city and spend a lovely weekend enjoying live music, food, and of course tulips.

 If you plan to go to Ottawa, Airbnb is a great way to find a great place to stay and for a good price. Also, you can stay at the hotels downtown Ottawa. The city hosts tourists from all over the world that visit the Tulip Festival. The best way to explore Ottawa is by bicycle, don’t worry you can rent one there for a great price per day. Make sure to bring your backpack to carry all your essentials, since you will be riding and it is better to have your hands free. During spring it is always possible to get some rain, so get a Patriot water repellent backpack to protect your valuables or you can carry a rain cover for your backpack for extra protection.

Maple Syrup Backpack Spring

  • Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup is one of the most known things about Canada, and who doesn't love it? I love things prepared with maple syrup like cookies or fudge, mmm yummy! Would you like to know how maple syrup is made? Well, this is the best season to learn about the process. Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are the homes of large maple syrup farms and Quebec is the biggest producer of maple syrup in Canada. You can visit a maple syrup festival in any of these provinces.

The process of making maple syrup is very interesting, and the farms are really fun to visit if you love being outdoors. Pack your Patriot water repellent backpack with snacks, water, your camera, and head north to visit a maple farm. Since it is still a bit cold, walking in the farms will make you hungry, so you can enjoy some of the delicious maple syrup dishes. Don’t forget to buy some syrup for your pancakes at home.

These activities are must-do’s to start the spring season. Check your city’s website to learn about your local activities and enjoy this wonderful season. Don’t forget to tag us: @trublue1987 on your adventure photos with your TruBlue backpacks and make others envy your bag and your style!

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