New Year, New Backpack Adventures

New Year, New Backpack Adventures

January 03, 2018

Welcome 2018! The holidays went as fast as 2017 did. It was a wonderful time of festivities for the new year, delicious food, friends and family time, music, gifts, fireworks, an incredible white Christmas and of course, super cold weather! As the new year begins we start thinking about our goals and resolutions for 2018. Whatever you have in mind, one thing is certain: New year means new adventures!

We are starting 2018 on the right foot with all of this snow, perfect for outdoor activities. However, this also means that it is cold outside and you need to stay warm. So, bundle up, prepare your TruBlue Patriot water repellent backpack with hot chocolate and let the adventurous spirit take over you!

Winter Hiking

Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities to do all year round. There are trails with different levels of difficulty in many parks across Canada, so you can pick the one that is best for you. For the winter time, you have to be extra prepared with gear, clothes, and food. Never go alone, and take your time to complete the trails, since the path can be slippery.

On a sunny day, after a snowy night, the trails look incredibly beautiful. It is a winter wonderland! If you are more adventurous choose a trail that will lead you to scenic caves or frozen waterfalls, it is really impressive. A few hours away from Toronto there are some epic frozen waterfalls that you must check out this winter. It is perfect for a day trip with your friends, bring your backpack with supplies and have your camera ready, you will love it.

Ice Skating

One of the most popular winter sports for Canadians is ice skating. There are so many outdoor rinks that are open from mid-December until late March, and it is a fun activity to enjoy with friends. Since the weather has been cold enough (maybe too cold!) more natural ice rinks have opened up as well for free ice skating this year. Check your city’s website to find more information about all the natural ice rinks near you and the status, since all the outdoor rinks depend on weather conditions.

A new variety of ice skating started last year as well, ice skating trails. This is great news for people who like skating but find it boring to just go in circles. Many parks now have 250 m, 400 m, up to 1.1km of ice skating trails. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is a great experience! Imagine you are skating while enjoying the view of the pines covered in snow and hearing birds chirping softly in the wind, it is magical!

Winter Biking

Yes, you heard correctly! Winter biking is so much fun! If you haven’t tried winter biking, 2018 is your opportunity to try it. The majority of ski resorts have this as part of their activities, so you can rent the equipment if you don’t want to buy it, and they have special trails for biking. If you live in Ontario, there are lovely snow-covered trails that you can explore on fat tire bikes. 

We recommend you dress properly, in layers preferably and proper sport clothes. Since you are exercising you will feel hot fast, but you cannot take your sweater off, because with the cold temperatures outside you will get sick! Take a water repellent backpack like The Patriot from TruBlue, since it can start snowing and don’t want your belongings to get wet. Pack your backpack with hot beverages, an extra pair of socks and gloves, and of course water, even though it is cold and you don't feel it, you are getting dehydrated.

Have fun this 2018, plan new adventures with your friends, discover new places, embrace the cold and enjoy the winter time! Remember to tag us in your photos with TruBlue Backpacks! Happy New Year!

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