Last minute gift ideas

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 13, 2017

Do you have a special someone that you hold close to your heart?  So close that you can’t think of anything else going on in the world, including the swiftly approaching VALENTINE’S DAY! SHOOT THAT’S TODAY!

Sure that would make for a good excuse to cover up your forgetfulness but it’s time to face reality and now you need a solid gift idea.  Look no further cause here is our list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

For Her:  Cookie Bouquet

Nothing is more cliché than a bouquet of flowers. Put a spin on it for those with a sweet tooth and this will be one of those gifts that she will never forget!
Cookie Bouquet

For Him: “Manly” candles

Sometimes Valentine’s day can feel a little too feminine.  Let the guy in your life know that there is room for him too with manly scented candles, including scents such as “rustic tobacco and vanilla”. 
Manly Candles

For Her: Weekend Getaway

Plan a lame night spent indoors watching movies and then surprise her spontaneously with a trip to get out of here! Give her an envelope with the itinerary of a dream weekend getaway.
Weekend getaway

For Him: Booze Bouquet 

Valentine’s day can be a stressful time for guys, especially when they are reading last minute ideas off lists like these.  Let him take the edge off with a bouquet of booze. 

Booze Bouquet

For Her: Fill your space with Helium balloons with photographs hanging from them.

For a more personal touch, fill your space with helium balloons with photos of your favourite memories hanging from the ceiling.  As long as you have these good moments caught on film, you’re a winner.
Room Decor with ballons

For Him: Manly flowers

It’s nice to have something nice sitting around the house that is symbolic of affection.  And for some guys what better than a prickly plant that does not die.
manly plants

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