Christmas Gift Backpack Quiz!

Christmas Gift Backpack Quiz!

December 08, 2017

What backpack suits your personality?

TruBlue backpacks are specially made to be unique and fit with your one-of-a-kind style. You can change out the straps, the logo and put your own spin on your backpack, but which one should you start with? This quiz will help you find the perfect backpack, so treat yourself this Christmas to a special gift!

  1. How would you describe your personal style?
    1. Practical & prepared for anything
    2. Classic, don’t fix what’s not broken!
    3. Cool, fresh, but not too edgy
    4. A little wild child never hurt anyone!
  2. What does your ideal Saturday look like?
    1. I am up for anything, rain or shine, and I have the tools for the job!
    2. Netflix & chill….
    3. Hanging out with friends at our favorite local spot
    4. Doing something new & different, skydiving? Painting? Yoga?
  3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
    1. Give me the vibrant & drizzly streets of London!
    2. Right where I am is just perfect.
    3. Give me the mountains! Anywhere in the mountains!
    4. Wherever my dart lands on the map!
  4. What is your favorite thing about the Holidays?
    1. Whipping out the old skates!
    2. The classic holiday music
    3. The food!
    4. All the holiday magic 😊
  5. What “Friends” character are you most like?
    1. Ross
    2. Chandler
    3. Rachel
    4. Phoebe 

What Backpack is Perfect for You?

  • If you answered mostly A’s

The Patriot Backpack!

You want to be ready and prepared for anything. You are practical, intelligent and always on top of things. When it comes time for a group trip, everyone turns to you for advice. You are the best match for TruBlue’s Patriot backpack because it is a water repellent backpack with lots of pockets for organization at a price that can’t be beaten.

  • If you answered mostly B’s

TruBlue’s Original or Original+ Backpack in Raven, Dusk or Safari!

Your classic, cool style shows confidence. You are not one to rock the boat, but you always stay true to who you are. Your unwavering personality shows real strength of character. The Original and the Original+ backpacks are perfect for you in the classic colors, Raven or Safari. These colours will never go out of style!

  •  If you answered mostly C’s

TruBlue’s Original or Original+ Backpack in Sangria, Redwood or Marina!

You are the cool one of your group! Effortlessly stylish and always on trend, you like to test the waters without diving in. Your positive energy attracts people to you like a month to a flame. The Original or Original+ in Sangria, Redwood or Marina are perfect for you! A pop of colour without getting too loud, this affordable backpack is the only accessory you will ever need.

  •  If you answered mostly D’s

TruBlue’s Original or Original+ Backpack in Hot Spot or Sunset Pt!

You are different, fun, spontaneous and completely your own person! You are not afraid to go against-the-grain and show off your true colours. You are the life of the party and have an energy people can’t resist! The Original or Original+ in Hot Spot or Sunset Point will show off your individuality without breaking the bank.

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