Choose the Best TruBlue Backpack for Every Activity

Choose the Best TruBlue Backpack for Every Activity

April 13, 2018 1 Comment

Choosing the best TruBlue backpack for you based on the activity you are using it for is very important. Why? Well, you can use your backpack for your daily commute, or for traveling or for hiking, and more. Each situation has different needs, extra space, more compartments, extra cushioning on your back, etc. in order to ensure major comfort, security for your valuables, or whatever the goal may be. 

Check out our guide to find out the best TruBlue Backpack for you:

 Whether you are going to a park, to explore a new city, to the beach or just riding a bike around, the Original+ Tortoise backpack will be ideal for you. A classy lightweight canvas and leather backpack with enough space to carry your snacks, a sweater, sunscreen, sunglasses, water and more, without compromising comfort. This Canadian made bag has padded straps and back support, to ensure comfort while you are walking around exploring a new place. The unique “tortoise” colour is perfect if you will be using your backpack outdoors, since it does not show dirt quickly. So, you can relax and use your backpack in the park, while having a picnic or at the beach.

TruBlue Backpack Best for Day Trip

If you love being outdoors, hiking must be one of the activities you enjoy doing with your friends. For hiking trips, you need to be prepared with food and hydration for the day. You also need to pack your gear, your camera, an extra pair of socks, sunscreen and more. So, you need a strong yet lightweight backpack to be comfortable while walking for long hours, like the Patriot Niagara backpack, a spacious bag with dedicated water bottle pockets, many compartments to pack your gear and snacks, padded back support and straps to ensure comfort.

Another important feature is that the Patriot Niagara is a water repellent backpack, which is very convenient when you are going for a hike since it can suddenly rain, but your belongings will be safe from getting wet with this backpack. You can use the backpack rain cover for added protection, especially if you live in rainy cities like Vancouver. In addition, its unique blue colour protects the bag from showing dirt which makes the Patriot Niagara the best TruBlue backpack for outdoors activities.

TruBlue Backpack Best for Hiking

Whether you are taking a long or short trip, a backpack will always be your best companion, since it is the most convenient, secure and comfortable way of carrying your belongings around while exploring a new place. Backpacks are versatile and useful especially when traveling, it makes it easy to board the plane and have all your entertainment, snacks and laptop handy, as it is the perfect size to put underneath the front seat. While in a new city, you can’t carry all your luggage with you, so a great looking backpack will match your travel outfit and personality while making your life easy to carry your camera, passport, maps, water, and the souvenirs you will want to buy. 

However, in very touristy places it is common to find pickpockets, and since your carrying very important items like your camera and passport, it is better to have a secure backpack like The Patriot collection by Trublue. This water-repellent backpack will not only protect your valuables from getting wet, but it will protect them from pickpockets as it has a secret pocket to put your most important items in, like your passport and wallet. Another security feature of The Patriot Backpack it that the laptop compartment is right in your back and opens from a side, this way is more protected as the zipper is not visible and it is convenient for you to reach your notebook without having to completely take off your backpack.

TruBlue Backpack best for Travel

The Patriot backpack is available in different colours, we recommend Algonquin and Tundra for traveling as both are elegant and outdoors colours, depending on the type of trip you are taking.

Commuting is an important part of our daily routine, whether to go to school, to work, to university, to the library, to the gym, or to your friend’s house to study. In every case, whether you are using your bike, walking, taking the bus, etc... you will be carrying around a lot of things like books, laptop, food, and so on. The best solution?  A great everyday backpack companion to make your life easier.

Because of this, you need a strong Canadian made backpack to hold all your stuff, yet lightweight to comfortably carry it around all day, like The Original+ backpack by TruBlue. This classy leather and canvas backpack is very spacious and it has a dedicated laptop padded pocket so you do not have to worry about scratching your notebook. Also, the pull-string closure allows you to fit more things in your backpack and easily access to them. It has two front pockets for your small items like keys, pens, etc… and one more pocket inside the main compartment for your phone and other items you would want to keep in a more secure place.

TruBlue Backpack best for commuting

The Original+ collection is available in different colours to choose from, however for your daily commute we recommend elegant and cool colours like the Black Rock and Pier87, so you can match with your outfit and personality by exchanging the straps.

Choosing a backpack for going to work can be hard since you want something formal, elegant and sophisticated, yet cool and comfortable to carry your things. TruBlue has created The Patriot Gridlock Limited Edition backpack, with a unique black design and a classy glossy pattern, making it the perfect bag that will get you through the work week. On a side note, the pattern on the Gridlock is the streets of Toronto, which adds to the backpack's style and look.

The Patriot Gridlock backpack also has an extra layer of protection making it strong and water repellent, to protect your work valuables from getting wet. The dedicated padded compartment will protect your notebook while you carry it around especially if you have to take the subway or bus to go to work. The main compartment has enough room to carry documents, books, your iPad and more.

TruBlue Backpack Best for Work

During the school year, your backpack is your everyday companion, therefore it is very important to choose the right one since you are carrying all your books and lunch all day. But, it is also important to have “bag envy” since the style and look are important to show your personality to your friends. For this reason, The Original backpack collection by TruBlue is the perfect fit for you.

This stylish canvas backpack has a lot of room to carry all your books, lunch and a dedicated pocket for your notebook. In addition, it has padded shoulder straps and back support, and it is made from a strong yet lightweight canvas material to ensure major comfort. The Original backpack is available in 8 different colours to choose from and match your style. For added personalization to your bag, exchange the straps for different materials and colours.

TruBlue Backpack Best for school

Please email us or reach out on social media if you have troubles choosing the best backpack for you, we are here to help with any question you have!

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