Canada Day: A Canadian Backpack to celebrate

Canada Day: A Canadian Backpack to Celebrate the True North Strong and Free

June 30, 2017

It was in 1867 when Nova Scotia and New Brunswick came together with Canada to become a single British dominion. This event took place 150 years ago, since then a lot has happened in Canadian history which has brought us together and instilled our patriotism and pride in the Canadian Culture.  

Canada Day - Canada 150 years

Canada’s achievements, cultural progression and pride have given us all the united strength to face adversity head-on. We as Canadians believe we are better together, and we have shown our unity now for 150 years. We at TruBlue want to recap and tip our cap to some of the defining Canadian moments as we approach this celebratory milestone. We will be celebrating our pride with the release of our new line of Canadian inspired backpacks, The Patriot.

It has been a pretty good few years for Canadian sports.  Although a Canadian Team had not won a championship in one of the major North American leagues since the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Blue Jays both won in 1993, there has been a lot to cheer about.  Manitoba got their NHL team back, the Winnipeg Jets; the Toronto Maple Leafs got their long-awaited star power; a total of five of the seven Canadian teams made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs and both the Blue Jays and the Raptors continue to show how strong the support from Canadian fans can be. 

Blue Jays Toronto Baseball Team

Also, we have inspiring athletes that have made us proud during the past few years, like the six-time Olympic medalist in cycling and speed-skating, Clara Hughes, who has been the only athlete in history to win multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Games. But that’s not all, she has been an inspiration for many, since she became devoted to helping break down the stigma associated with mental health by being part of the Bell program “Let’s Talk” and by donating part of her savings to programs that use sports to help youth at risk to find a better direction in life.

Clara Hughes

This is just one of the many great stories of Canadian athletes who have shed light on larger issues and have inspired many young and future athletes to lead by example.

The Order of Canada recognizes the achievement and dedication towards Canadian communities and the nation as a whole and is the highest level of award that a Canadian civilian can receive.  Since it was introduced in 1967 there have been many great names to have received this great honour and most recently this was given to a familiar household name. Gordon Downie, the lead singer and lyricist of the Tragically Hip.  Gordon Received this honour “in recognition of outstanding indigenous leadership”.  

This award feels extra special for many Canadians who have been on the emotional roller coaster along with Gordon Downie, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in May of 2016.  A sad day for many Canadians was turned into an extremely emotional and inspiring day on August 20th when The Tragically Hip played their final show in Kingston which was broadcasted live on CBC where 11.7 million Canadians tuned in to watch and listen to the Canadian icon for one last time.  The show was truly a spectacular show that will go down as a defining moment in Canadian history and will serve as a memory that united 11.7 million Canadians in a single moment to share the values and patriotism that Gordon Downie expressed in his musical career.

The Tragically Hip, Gordon Downie

In May 2016, the wildfire in Fort McMurray forced 88,000 people to leave their homes and brought together hundreds of firefighters from all across Canada.  This was a complete devastation for many Canadians who had lost not only their homes but their towns, and Canada as a whole stepped up to show their support.  The Canadian Armed Forces provided helicopters for rescue operations, Ontario showed its support by sending firefighters, Quebec provided 4 water bomber aircraft to help fight the fire and over $300 million dollars were raised to help support the families who needed it the most.  This was a setback for Canada, but it was how Canadians united behind one another that proved that as a country we would move forward together no matter what.  

Canada has also made us proud for being an inspiration for other countries because we were the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy. This adoption ensures that all citizens and newcomers, feel respected and have a sense of belonging without having to give up their roots, their language or their culture.  Canada has opened its doors to many people that needed shelter like the Syrian refugees that came last year. Through multiculturalism, Canada encourages all immigrants and refugees to integrate into society and take an active part in social, cultural, economic and political activities.

Canada Day Celebrations

In light of Canada’s 150-year celebrations, we at Trublue set out to make a line of backpacks that truly represents what it is to be Canadian.  Inspired by these stories and guided by the resilient spirit that we Canadians share, we wanted to make a backpack that reflected these values.  With strong and durable materials, weather resistance, Canadian inspired details inside and out, and the flexibility for you to be yourself and take on whatever adventure you have in store, we want you to stand proudly with The Patriot, built for the True, North, Strong and Free.  It will be available soon, so stayed tuned for the release!

The Patriot water repellent Backpack

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