Backpack Through British Columbia

Backpack Through British Columbia

October 16, 2017

For people like you and me who love being outdoors, establishing new goals and accomplishing new challenges, British Columbia is one of the best provinces in Canada. With so many mountains and lakes to explore, you will fall in love with the beauty that is British Columbia. Plan a vacation to visit this province and enjoy amazing backpacking trips to explore part of the Rocky Mountains.

Each place has unique and breathtaking views. If you have an adventurous spirit and love challenges, you will love these recommended places to explore. Prepare your canvas backpack with all the things that you will need and embrace the adventure that awaits you!

Garibaldi Provincial Park - Elfin Lake Trail

This provincial park is located near Vancouver and close to Whistler. It is very convenient to reach by car. Select the desired trail upon arrival and be ready to feast your eyes on amazing landscapes. Remember to choose a trail according to your fitness condition, if you pick a very hard one and you are not used to hiking your legs will be very sore, and you won’t be able to continue exploring on the following days.

The trail that leads to the beautiful Elfin Lake is a very popular hike and it has a moderate level of difficulty; however, it is a total distance of 23 kilometres and the estimated time to complete it is 8 hours. It is totally worth it, but be prepared with enough food and water for the day. Remember to have a good breakfast in the morning and fill your backpack with all of your essentials. It is recommended that you do not make the backpack too heavy or you will get tired faster.

Also, if you feel that this trail is too hard for one day, you can always pack your camping gear and stay overnight, since there are camping places available.

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

The Stawamus Chief mountain in Squamish is another popular hike. The views are spectacular, all tourist and locals love this place. You can make a quick stop on your way to the park at Shannon Falls, since it is very close to the Chief. The waterfalls are a lovely place to capture great memories. Prepare all your gear for this adventure. The Stawamus Chief hike is also considered moderate level of difficulty, and it is estimated to be completed in 3 hours.

Although this trail is a great fit for the occasional hiker, always have a first aid kit, food and water in your canvas backpack. Also, don’t forget to dress in layers and to use the right footwear. Once you have reached the summit, you will have a breathtaking view of Squamish Valley.

Blue Grouse Mountain, Kelowna

Kelowna is located northeast of Vancouver. If you rent a car you can reach Kelowna in 4 hours. This amazing trail provides you with impressive views of the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna City. This moderate 8-kilometer trail takes approximately 5 hours to travel through. The estimated time can vary if you make several stops along the way to take pictures or just to admire the nature and landscape.

The Lions, West Vancouver

If you are a more experienced hiker and enjoy adventures with an adrenaline rush, this trail is for you! The Lions trail in West Vancouver is a total of 15 kilometres, but it is estimated to be completed in between 7 to 10 hours, because of its difficulty. To reach the summit requires a technical climb and professional equipment. So, if you are an occasional hiker, it is probably best to start with an easier trail.

Making this hike requires extra effort, but along the way and at the top you will be extremely rewarded with incredible views of Howe Sound, plus that amazing feeling of accomplishment that is priceless! Make sure you dress properly since you can expect weather changes as you go up. Fill your canvas backpack with enough water and food, especially energy bars to keep you going!

Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail

This awesome trail is a very popular backcountry hiking trail, you will travel through old growth forest, ancient glacial formations, creeks and waterfalls. This hike is considered an advanced level of difficulty; therefore, it is more for frequent and expert hikers. Nevertheless, if you are not an expert hiker, you can still do some parts of the trail to enjoy epic views of Howe Sound, Skypilot mountain and Habrich itself. This trail is part of the Sea to Sky area, so there are excursions available all day.

The Al’s Habrich hike leads you to a real natural gem, the Neverland Lake, which is at the end of the Marked trail. Enjoy spectacular views of the lake and lots of vistas so you can snap beautiful pictures. Remember to bring an extra battery for your camera so you can take as many pictures as possible. Bring your favourite blanket and fill your TruBlue backpack with snacks, so you can have a picnic at the lake as your reward.

At the end of your amazing trip through the impressive mountains in BC, don’t forget to share your pictures and recommendations with us, we love to learn about new adventures and places to visit. Tag us @Trublue1987 on your photos with your TruBlue Backpack. Cheers!

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