Backpack Adventures for your Victoria Day Long Weekend

Backpack Adventures for your Victoria Day Long Weekend

May 14, 2018

Are you looking for great backpack adventures to take on the coming up Victoria Day long weekend? The sun is up and the weather forecast looks fantastic for the long weekend, so it is the perfect opportunity to be outdoors, enjoying nature, playing some sports or simply hanging out with friends at the lakeshore. Do you have any plans yet? Check out these great ideas for your short vacations, grab your unique canvas backpack and let’s go for an adventure!

  • Visit the Tulip Festival in Ottawa

The tulip season is here, and Ottawa has the largest tulip festival in Canada. For years, Ottawa has been the number one destination for tourists during the Victoria Day holiday, since it is the capital city and has a lot of events and activities going on. Plan a road trip with your friends to explore the beautiful Ottawa area, pack your classy TruBlue backpack with snacks and be ready for a nice ride.

TruBlue Backpack Tulip Festival

The best way to explore Ottawa is by bicycle since it is a small city. You can take the trail that goes around the Rideau Canal and you can enjoy a nice day visiting all the tulip gardens. Make sure to pack your Trublue canvas and leather backpack with a blanket, some fruit, snacks and enjoy a picnic looking at the tulip fields and the river. Don’t forget to stop for BeaverTails to finish your afternoon with the signature dessert in Ottawa.

  • Enjoy a fireworks show

Are you a fireworks lover? Victoria Day is a great opportunity to enjoy some nice firework shows across Canada. One of my favourite things is to plan a full day outdoors with friends, have a picnic, play some volleyball and finish the day with a nice music and fireworks show. Find the closest event to you and invite your friends for some fun.

If you live near Toronto, a recommended place to go is Woodbine Beach. Pack your Patriot water repellent backpack with your beach gear and spend the afternoon with your friends. You can play beach volleyball, enjoy some snacks with a nice lake view, and even take a dip if the weather is nice and warm. The firework show starts around 10 p.m. and lasts about 20 minutes. It is a perfect place for a day trip.

Victoria Day Long Weekend Fireworks

  • Take a road trip with friends

If you are more of a road trip person and you like to take any opportunity you have to explore somewhere new, this would be your best choice for the long weekend. Pack your best Trublue travel companion backpack and hit the road. It is always best to leave very early to avoid traffic jams. Plan your trip according to the things you love doing the most.

For nature lovers, camping is an awesome idea, since is not too hot yet, and in the mountains, the weather can be cooler so you don’t need to carry too many things. If you live in Ontario, visiting Tobermory, Algonquin Park, Muskoka or even Thunder Bay are always awesome ideas for May. You can rent a cottage or a campsite to stay the night and during the day you can explore. You can do some hiking, find waterfalls, do some canoeing, fishing and more. Don’t forget to pack your lightweight canvas backpack with sunscreen, a hat, an extra shirt, some snacks and just in case, bear spray, you never know!

TruBlue Backpack Road Trip

Last but not least, have as much fun as possible, take lots of pictures to keep lovely memories and enjoy each adventure. Tag us in your photos with your TruBlue backpack and share the love!

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