Back to School with TruBlue Backpacks

Back to School with TruBlue Backpacks

July 20, 2018 2 Comments

Get back to school with a TruBlue backpack. Summer has been amazing this year, we are enjoying the best weather ever, sunny days to go to the beach, long walks in the park and barbeques with friends. But that time is coming, and we need to start preparing for back to school, which is exciting as well. One of the most fun things about going back to school is shopping for your essentials which includes choosing a new stylish backpack.

Select the best backpack for your needs, whether you are starting high-school, college or university, there is always a backpack that will suit you the best.

  • The best backpack for elementary school

The school years can be tough, you are carrying many books every day, plus your gym clothes, lunch box and more. For this reason, you need a backpack that is spacious, durable and lightweight at the same time. The Original series by TruBlue is a unique canvas backpack, which makes it strong and light, so you can carry all your stuff, without that extra weight from the bag itself.

Backpack for elementary school

Another valuable feature of The Original backpacks is that they have a drawstring closure to help you easily access your valuables at any time. In the main pocket, there is a padded compartment for your laptop, so it is protected if you need to bring it to class. Also, this bag has back support and padded shoulder straps so you can carry all your things comfortably.

There are 8 different colours to choose from so you can match your style. As a hint, the Raven, Redwood and Dusk colours are the best hide the dirt, but if you have a more outgoing personality the Dune and Pier87 will be best for you!

  • The best backpack for high-school

Starting high-school is super exciting, your last years of school, you can choose your favourite subjects and build your schedule. It is also the time to prepare and think about what you would like to study at university. For this reason, you need a more stylish backpack yet spacious to carry all your belongings. The Original+ series by TruBlue give you that added style with interchangeable leather straps, so you can personalize your backpack according to your mood.

Backpack for high school

This unique canvas and leather backpack holds up to 22L, which is plenty of space to carry your books, laptop, snacks and more. The canvas material makes the bag durable and lightweight at the same time. There is a dedicated padded compartment for your laptop, so you can be confident when you carry it around. Also, there are two smaller pockets on the front of the backpack for all your smaller items you need to access fast and easy. Choose the best colour to suit your personality and make your classmates envy you this back to school.

  • The best backpack for university

Going to university is a big change and a very exciting time. You will meet new people, move into residence, explore the campus, study your favourite subjects, go to parties, and more. You need a backpack that will adapt to all of your needs and has your back (pardon the pun 😉) in any situation. For this reason, The Patriot backpack from TruBlue is the best option for you this back to school.

Backpack for University

This water repellent backpack has been designed with you in mind, plenty of space for all your things, a dedicated padded laptop compartment with a secret side closure for more security. A secret pocket for your most important items like your wallet or keys. Plus, this backpack will protect all your items from rain or snow, as many of us living in Canada and the US know, the weather can change in 5 minutes!

The Patriot backpack has a young professional look, which makes it perfect for your university time. There are 5 colours to choose from, so you can select the one that better suits your style.

Happy back to school!



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March 27, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Ose Ibazebo
Ose Ibazebo

July 23, 2018

When will the backpacks be restocked ?

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