Back to School - Choose the right backpack for you!

Back to School - Choose the right backpack for you!

August 03, 2017

That amazing time of the year is approaching fast! Yes, we are talking about the back to school season. There is nothing as exciting as buying all your new essentials for getting back to classes. New books, new pens, new classmates, new laptop. However, one of the most important and toughest decisions you need to make is picking the right backpack for you, since it will be your everyday companion all the school year.

One of the first things you need to think about is if you will be carrying your laptop or iPad to your classes, which is very convenient since you can have all your notes and e-books in one place. Select a backpack that has a dedicated laptop compartment and make sure that this pocket is fully padded like all TruBlue canvas backpacks have. This will ensure your notebook will be protected and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

The capacity of your new backpack will depend on how much you will be carrying every day to classes. All TruBlue backpacks have a 22 litre capacity, which is ideal to carry your laptop, a couple of books, a water bottle, your sandwich for lunch and more. It is pretty spacious!

Another important feature to consider, especially if you carry a lot in your bag, is that the material of the backpack is not heavy. Choose a backpack built with a lightweight material like canvas. Canvas backpacks like TruBlue’s The Original and The Original+, are designed with a durable and lightweight canvas material, which is a perfect combination since it will allow you to carry your backpack comfortably without putting any unnecessary weight. Another great feature about canvas material is that makes your backpack look more stylish and because of its versatility you will find canvas backpacks in many different colours and patterns.

Talking more about comfort, an important aspect to consider when selecting the perfect backpack for you is that it allows you to wear it comfortably for a longer time. Therefore, your backpack should have padded shoulder straps like TruBlue backpacks have, so you can explore and carry all your things in comfort. All these aspects seem small but they will make a huge difference in your everyday travel to school when you need to bring all of your stuff to classes.

Your new backpack should also have multiple pockets since organization is crucial. You may like to carry your laptop charger, your phone (in a special pocket, handy), your pens, keys, change, etc. TruBlue backpacks have two larges outside pockets that will fit the largest smartphones, one inside pocket for your small essentials and one clear pocket to put your favourite picture, postcard or map.

Last but not least, something you may want to have with your new backpack is a personalization feature so you can change the look of your backpack to match your mood and personality. TruBlue canvas backpacks have replaceable straps so you can change your style with ease. Also, you can customize the look of your backpack by adding a metal antiqued logo for extra class.

A final key tip, make sure you select a backpack with a great warranty so that just in case you have any issues you can get it exchanged fast. TruBlue offers you an “Effortless Lifetime Warranty”, which means that if you experience any problem with your bag, you don’t have to go through complicated return processes.

Get ready for the back to school season and choose the right backpack to be your everyday companion to classes. Happy studying!!

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